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MakerDesk – The Silent Partner to a Global Marketplace.
We have the worlds leading manufacturers & suppliers registered on our platform.
MakerDesk makes the supply chain process simple and easy.
We have over 40 years combined experience in the contract manufacturing and financial sector.

Making, procuring & sourcing physical products is costly and expensive so it’s important to have the right partner from the outset coupled with the right supply chain!

We validate all companies at the sign-up process and also give all our customers access to our specific suite of tools so that they can perform further due diligence to ensure peace of mind.

What is MakerDesk

Mobile Compatible
MakerDesk works across all mobile platforms.
Use our secure messaging system to contact key decision makers.
Submit RFQ's
Securely submit RFQ’s.
Time to market
Reduce the sourcing process from weeks to days.

Our Platform Offers

Contract Manufacturing 90%
Medical Devices 95%
Injection Molding 85%
Supply Chain Finance 75%

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